Golf Course Etiquette

Golf Course Instructions, Etiquette, and Tips.

Learn how to play golf like a pro and learn everything there is to know about golfing and golf courses!

Are you a beginner to intermediate golfer? Don't know exactly what to do on a golf course? Need some instructions, tips, and etiquette? The golf course is full of hidden messages, rules, and information. Please let me explain:

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"Your dedication to the game of golf has many facets. You're an inspiration to a duffer like me. Having worked in engineering my whole life, I've learned to pay attention to detail. You certainly do that. Thanks for your great interest in the game. I play in a senior league and it's a testament to it truly is a "game for life". Dave

"‘Learn Golf Course, Instructions, Etiquette, and Tips’ should be required reading for all golfers, not just those who are taking up the game of golf.  The book is filled with information that answer many questions both new and not so new golfers should know before hitting the golf course.  The book is concise and easy to understand.  I would have loved to have had this book when I was first learning the game of golf." Loyd Ellis

Hi Patrick, Great idea – and much needed – having been playing over 40 years I also see many beginners who haven’t really a clue how to approach the game – I wish I had had this book when I started! Bob Barnes, UK

Golf is awesome that's why so many enjoy the game. It's challenging, exciting, and full of unexpected turns. However the golf course is full of hidden obstacles. Golf etiquette, rules, dress codes, colored markers, and hidden signs to name a few. If one were to merely waltz onto a golf course they would be in for quite the surprise. That's why I have compiled a book called: Golf Course Instructions, Etiquette, and Tips which is a complete instruction manual that will teach you how to play golf!

Golf Course Instructions, Etiquette, and Tips

I have been golfing for over 16 years and have seen just about everything. I am  a club builder by trade and to this day see many who do not obey etiquette and golf course rules, mostly due to ignorance. Who really cares and is this a problem? The golf ranger cares, the other people you golf with may care, and even strangers care. Sometimes people will look the other way, other times other golfers will issue a tongue lashing, and other incidents may get you kicked off the course. Since golf is a gentleman's game there are hidden rules that all golf courses abide by. It's called etiquette and is expected on a golf course. If you don't obey etiquette then you are looked at like you are of a lower class.

Let me tell you a quick story about the first time I went golfing and what ensued: I grew up around golf but never played. I knew how to hit the ball and that's about it. I decided to walk onto a golf course and see what it was like. It was slow so I felt no pressure. I noticed the ranger was looking at me and I teed off and away I went. Immediately the ranger approached me and told me not to drive the cart on the fairways. It was embarrassing but nobody else was around. When I struck my ball I was approached again by the same ranger. Who yelled at me for not repairing my divot in the fairway. He constantly followed my around the course and corrected me several more times during my round. It was embarrassing, I was angry and if I hadn't played as well I probably wouldn't have ever golfed again. Why was this guy harassing me? Well because I was tearing up the golf course, not obeying etiquette, and also disrupting other golfers. I meant no harm and didn't think I was acting irrationally but I was ignorant and wrong.

The bottom line is that you should not be worrying about golf course rules, etiquette, and the other hidden messages that golf courses are full of. You should be concentrating on your swing mechanics. Below are some problems that may arise if you don't completely understand the golf course:

  • You may face embarrassment.
  • You may be harassed by the ranger.
  • You may be harassed by other golfers.
  • You may be worried about what you don't know.
  • You may get lost on the course.
  • You may be constantly pushed and asked to speed up.
  • You may look bad in front of your group.
  • You may be driving your golf score up accidently.
  • You may be damaging the course.
  • You may be taking to long to play.
  • You may not understand the rules.
  • You may hit the wrong green.
  • You may pick up another golfers ball.
  • You may not be prepared for the elements.
  • You may not understand your golf clubs.
  • You may not understand golf terminology.

All of these problems are easily addressed. All you have to do is know what to do and how to do it once you arrive at the course. Just by knowing some simple etiquette, tips, and instructions that I have outlined in this book you can be confident that you are doing everything right. This will free you up so that you can concentrate on your game.

I not only experienced these problems when I was new to golf but I experience them almost every time I golf with someone who is new to intermediate. If you ever want to pair up with someone who is an experienced golfer, a scratch golfer, a pro, or your boss you will want I have to offer. Most golfers don't care if you are new, all they want is for new golfers to obey the rules, understand the course, and use etiquette. By doing so you won't interfere or slow up their game! I know of many scratch golfers who would never pair up with a beginner because most of the time they just don't understand these aspects.

There are rules, etiquette, instructions, and other obstacles on the course no matter which course you want to golf or where you are located in the world. Some are mentioned others are not. They are supposed to be understood by all golfers. If you don't adhere to this understanding you will be in for a rough ride. You will understand once you golf why this is so. These rules and etiquette are to maintain order and keep others from bothering you as well. Right now it may seem trivial but in the future you will come to appreciate this code of conduct.

You may be thinking: I will just go with a buddy and they will teach me. Don't think that your golfing buddies will teach you everything there is to know. Even with their help these things just take time. Since many golfers don't use appropriate etiquette to begin with you are faced with another dilemma. What if your buddy is a hacker? Will he/she know what to do?

So now that you know what problems a golf course presents, what are you going to do about them? A little research will go a long way. My book will help you to make informed decisions that will keep you out of harms way, teach you terminology, and show the hidden offerings of a golf course. Below is an outline of my book:

  • Introduction - What the book will deliver and what you can expect to learn.
  • Driving Range - Golf club distance, what to practice and how, where you should start, and what to practice.
  • Expectations - What you can expect before and during a round of golf.
  • Am I Ready? - Tells you exactly when you are ready to play a round of golf.
  • Best Time to Play - Explains tee times, discounts, best times, and worst times to play.
  • Equipment - Gives you the ultimate outline of all the equipment that is needed and the very best online discounters.
  • Dress Code - Explains what you can get away with and what is required per golf etiquette.
  • Tee Box - Outlines everything there is to know about the tee box and all the hidden obstacles.
  • Course Layout - Explains exactly how to follow a golf course.
  • Golf Carts - I provide instruction, rules, and what to expect with the golf carts.
  • The Ranger - Explanation of their duties and what you can expect from the ranger.
  • Etiquette - Etiquette is fully explained with additional resources for maximum golf course etiquette.
  • Rules of Golf - The rules of golf are outlined so you can understand what is expected for each game.
  • Keeping Score - You are taught how to keep an accurate score.
  • Club Distances - Explain which clubs to use from what yardage and a full explanation of the clubs and their roles in your bag.
  • Tips - More golf etiquette tips and what you can expect each and every game.
  • Summary
  • Definitions

Golf Course Instructions, Etiquette, and Tips

My book with teach you everything you need to know about learning to golf. When you finish, you will never have to worry about being ostracized on the golf course and will feel confident that you are very knowledgeable. Furthermore, the book is loaded full of tips that will speed up your learning process. Last it's full of instructions. Everything you ever need to know about golf courses and golfing has been addressed. This book is a complete guide to learning to golf.

I wrote this book because I know what it's like to be new and not understand all the hidden messages on a golf course. The little tidbits the internet offers for free are useless if you don't know what to look for. It's all here in one easy place and the book is easy to read. It will put you on the fast track and the first time you go you will look like you know what you are doing. You will understand everything there is to know about a golf course and then some. You will learn what to practice, where and how to aim, what club to use, the distance to the flag, how to repair your damages, everything there is to know about tee boxes, hazard markers, penalties, rules, etiquette, and much much more. In fact I am sure you can even teach someone who is intermediate a thing or two after reading my book.

Why waste your time figuring these things out over time. Why not just read a simple book that explains everything? I assure you that you will speed up your learning curve and can become a better golfer more quickly once you understand some key aspects of the course.

This book is only $19.95

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The cost of this book will save you time, money, and harassment. It's a small price to pay to speed up your learning curve! Get your copy today and tomorrow you can have the confidence that you deserve.

Thank you for your time and interest,

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